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Yogic practices to move your body, calm your mind and nourish your soul ✨
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Hello, my name is Amy and I currently live and teach yoga on Bidjigal Land in Little Bay in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Yoga is my passion and my happy place. It is my intention to use the teachings of yoga as I have experienced them to create spaces that allow people to feel free, to feel liberated, to feel like their true selves.

Why Yoga with Amy?

“Life is not inherently meaningful. We make meaning happen through the attention and care we express through our actions. We make meaning happen when we set a table with care, when we light a candle before practicing, or when we remove our shoes before entering a temple. Yoga tells us that the spiritual suffuses everything – it is simply that we are too busy, too distracted, or too insensitive to notice the extraordinary omnipresence that dwells in all things”.
– Donna Farhi

Come and experience a yoga class that allows you to deepen into your practice. We allow space to move into and out of asanas with attention and awareness, honouring the time to integrate yogic teachings into our whole being.

Authentic Movement

Yogic practices that provide tools for moving through life and creating health and vitality.


Practices to restore wholeness. Centre and return to a place of balance.


You belong, just as you are. Restore balance and move with ease.


Join an in-person class to move and breathe with others. Community is immunity.

Our Little Community

I am so grateful for the smiles and laughs that are shared in these yoga classes. The connections made are so special.

Our Classes

Here’s what we offer at a glance:

Wednesday Afternoon Yoga | 5.15pm

Carve out time for a deep breath and meditative movement mid-week.
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Saturday Morning Yoga | 7.30am

Join us for a morning practice to welcome the day and awaken the senses in a lovingly conscious way.
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Friday Night Soul Session | 7.30pm (once a month)

Second last Friday of each month in Little Bay. Open yoga class with live acoustic guitar by Gus Ainsworth. Class is accessible for a wide range of abilities. Cost: $25
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All yoga classes are held at:

The Cottage Hall

15 Pine Ave

Little Bay NSW 2036

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